About Zsuzanna Porter

Sales Representative

Zsuzanna's common sense approach to life and Real Estate is refreshing to others. She can advise people on a vast number of topics. Zsuzanna's applied expertise allows her to be grounded, effective and proficient as she guides her clients through the Real Estate decisions they make. Zsuzanna is constantly learning and improving her skills in the Real Estate industry as she is compelled to develop herself so she can educate and guide her clients.

Zsuzanna loves to participate with intensity and is not intimidated by antagonistic or adversarial situations; her dogged determination is for her clients to come out on top and "always play well" with others.

Zsuzanna deliver's 100% her best, and does not get negative about the outcome because she knows when she has done her best, that is a victory for her and her clients.

Zsuzanna is not afraid of hard work and she has a natural ability to motivate and influence others. She has the ability to create paradigm shifts and "win-win" situations.

Zsuzanna is results oriented, and strong at evaluating and getting concrete substantial results.